CERRY stands for Circular Economy & Resource RecoverY

It holistically and systemically addresses today’s challenges and opportunities on the complex topic of Waste

The CERRY Network is an intra- and cross-disciplinary team of academics and researchers taking up the challenge of delivering disruptive innovation to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. It covers challenges in both the affluent high-tech ‘Global North’ and the rapidly urbanising ‘Global South’, spanning over prominent aspects of public health, environmental protection, governance matters and business opportunities for resource recovery from waste. The individual network members (People) and their research teams work at the forefront of societal challenges, offering a substantial breadth of knowledge, their research already making considerable impact and having resulted in solutions being implemented (Toolkits).

We would be delighted to hear from you on the challenges you may be facing as a company, local authority, international organisation, individual innovator, policy maker, regulator moving towards a circular economy, maximising sustainable and efficient recovery of resources from waste. We will explore opportunities to co-create solutions with you. Our Partnerships range from local to genuinely global and we take pride in being able to put together as cross- and intra-disciplinary teams as they can get. You can see some of our existing Projects, Expertise and existing solutions (Toolkits) and Capability by navigating our pages. Join our Events and see our latest output by visiting the News section and by subscribing to our twitter feed (@UoL_CERRY) to stay tuned!

CERRY is part of the University of Leeds Global Challenge of Cities