Waste to Energy: An integral part of a modern waste management system in a circular economy. Cases Singapore and Copenhagen

  • Date:
  • Time: 15:00-16:00
  • Location: Civil Engineering Lecture Theatre B (Room 3.25)

Part of the School of Civil Engineering Seminar Series 2016 – facilitated by CERRY

Ms Bettina Kamuk, Head of Waste to Energy at Ramboll, Denmark

Abstract: Ramboll has been involved in more than 140 new WtE facilities or upgrades of existing units in more than 30 countries. In countries with a mature waste management system WtE is considered an important part of the circular economy. This is the case in Denmark and Singapore where Ramboll is involved in signature WtE projects. In both countries high energy efficiency and a low carbon foot print is an important design parameter and Ramboll has been responsible for the development of high efficient design for the new WtE facility in both Copenhagen and in Singapore. The concept for these two facilities will be presented. The Copenhagen WtE facility has an advanced energy system supplying both electrical power and district heating as well as the plant is equipped with flue gas condensation generating additional heating to the network as well as 400 kg clean water is generated per 1 tonne of waste.  A ski slope will be placed on the plant. In Singapore, the Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) has an advanced combustion system, a sorting facility for recyclables and a food waste screening facility. The IWMF will be co-located with the new waste water treatment facility and several synergies are identified between those two facilities resulting in an even higher energy efficient WtE facility.

Bettina Kamuck

About the speaker: Bettina Kamuk, Chemical Engineer from the Danish Technical University (1989), is Global Market Director and Head of Department, Waste to Energy, at Ramboll – a global consulting engineering company. Bettina is Board Member and Chair of ISWA’s (International Solid Waste Association) Working Group on Energy Recovery. Bettina is an experienced WtE project director and has been responsible for WtE projects in among others Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Oman and most recently the new integrated waste management facility in Singapore planned to be established in 2021 with a yearly capacity of 2 million tonnes of waste. Bettina Kamuk has an in-depth knowledge of procurement mechanisms, public acceptance and last, but not least, waste to energy technologies.