NameEmailAreas of expertise
Dr. S Joseph Antony
Dr. S Joseph for stress measurements and mechanics of materials; Multi-scale modelling and simulations; Particulate mechanics
Dr. Akintunde Babatunde
Dr. Akintunde water engineering and bioenergy; Wastewater treatment
Prof. John Barrett
Prof. John consumption and production modelling; Carbon footprint of goods and services; Carbon emissions of cities; Transition to a low carbon economy / society
Prof. Muhammed Basheer
Prof. Muhammed Durability of concrete and stone masonry; Non-destructive tests, structural health monitoring; Performance of materials in structures; Service life prediction; Life cycle analysis
Prof. Simon Biggs
Prof. Simon force microscopy; Inter-particle forces; Light scattering; Optical reflectometry; In-situ imaging
Dr. Leon Black
Dr. Leon; Concrete; Durability; Infrastructure; Materials; Embodied carbon; Lifecycle analysis
Dr. Duncan Borman
Dr. Duncan fluid dynamics; Environmental flows; Multiphase flow, mathematical modelling; Hydraulic modelling; Wastewater modelling; Bioreactor modelling
Dr. Paul Brockway
Dr. Paul systems; Exergy analysis; Energy efficiency and rebound; Exergy economics; Low carbon energy transitions
Prof. Andrew Brown 
Prof. Andrew Brown of value and growth; Financialisation; Job quality and job satisfaction; Wellbeing, Infrastructure economics; ICT
Dr. Ian Burke
Dr. Ian processes and environmental behaviour; Mobility and bioavailability of metals and radionuclides
Dr. Jonathan Busch
Dr. Jonathan economics; Industrial ecology; Low carbon infrastructure transitions; Alternative and local infrastructure business models; Complex systems and socio-technical systems modelling
Dr. Miller Alonso Camargo Valero
Dr. Miller Alonso Camargo treatment systems; Recovery of resources from human and animal excreta; Wastewater and sewage sludge; Associated environmental impacts
Prof. Mark Conner
Prof. Mark and changing health behaviours
Jo Cutter
Jo resource management; Organizational development; Trade unions
Dr. Leilani Darvell
Dr. Leilani characterisation; Thermogravimetric analysis; Biomass combustion
Dr. Mark Davis
Dr. Mark Relationships between money, markets and morality; Alternative finance and alternative energy systems; Models for large- and small-scale renewable energy infrastructure
Innes Deans
Innes waste management; Waste processing technology; Mass flow analysis; Biological wastewater treatment; Strategy development; Circular Economy; Public procurement; Project management.
Dr. Valerie Dupont
Dr. Valerie solid catalysis; Energy analysis; Process and reactor simulation; Chemical looping technology; High purity H2 and CH4; Advanced reforming; High temperature CO2 sorption; Industrial CCS
Prof. Gary Dymski
Prof. Gary policy; Political economy; Money and banking, Macroeconomics; Circular economy
Prof. Barbara Evans
Prof. Barbara Sanitation; water supply; Public health; International development; Political economy; International targets and monitoring; Faecal sludge management; Economics and costing
Dr. Louise Fletcher
Dr. Louise and aerobiology; Environmental microbiology; Generation and control of pathogens in indoor and outdoor environments; Aerobiology of waste treatment and disposal ; Generation, dispersal and control of bacterial and fungal pathogens during composting
Prof. John Forth
Prof. John concrete; Time-dependent movements including restraint; Serviceability; Life-span predictions of structures; Masonry; Restraint and long-term behaviour; Seismic design
Dr. Tim Foxon
Dr. Tim Business models for local low carbon infrastructure; Energy use and economic growth; Transition pathways to a low carbon economy; Complexity economics for sustainability
Dr. Carl Gilkeson
Dr. Carl; Aerobiology; Aircraft design; Astrodynamics; Computational fluid dynamics (CFD); Flight mechanics; Orbital mechanics; Spaceflight; Ventilation analysis and design
Dr. John Paul Gosling
Dr. John Paul Goslingj.p.gosling @ statistics; Design and analysis of computer experiments; Expert elicitation; Subjective probability; Toxicological risk assessment
Dr. Gary Graham
Dr. Gary; Business administration; Managerial economics; Information system
Dr. John Hahladakis
Dr. John Remediation of soils; Sediments and wastewater from organic/inorganic contaminants; Qualitative and quantitative toxicity characterization of WEEE and plastics; Environmental studies
Dr. Nigel Horan
Dr. Nigel Biological treatment; Organic waste; Anaerobic digestion; Nutrient extraction; Wastewater;
Cllr. Clive Hudson
Cllr. Clive management/engineering; Waste management; Process engineering systems
Dr. Eleni Iacovidou
Dr. Eleni economy; Industrial symbiosis; Sustainable construction; Systems analysis and evaluation; Water-Energy-Food nexus; Food waste; Marine litter; Technological innovation
Prof. Animesh Jha
Prof. Animesh Glass and mineral science; Fibre, bulk and waveguide glass/glass-ceramic device engineering; Rare-earth lasers and amplifiers; Pulsed laser processing; Bone and dental tissue engineering
Prof. Jenny Jones
Prof. Jenny energy from biomass; Torrefaction of biomass and other pretreatment technologies; Ash behaviour; Biomass and energy crops characterisation methods; Biomass, coal combustion models and validation; Sustainable energy with low carbon and low pollutant emissions
Dr. Amirul Khan
Dr. Amirul fluid dynamics; particle dispersion in turbulent flows; Numerical optimization; Lattice boltzmann method; GPU based computing using CUDA
Dr. Marco-Felipe King
Dr. Marco-Felipe infection control; Wind engineering; Bioaerosols
Dr. Hu Li
Dr. Hu and emissions; Real driving emissions (RDE); Biofuels and alternative fuels; Engine deposit analysis; Engine lubricant; Transport emissions; Carbon footprint; Energy audit
Jon Liddell
Jon economy; Sustainability in industry
Dr. Giorgio Locatelli
Dr. Giorgio systems sustainability; Project management in infrastructures/megaproject; System engineering management
James McKay
James of the Integrated PhD/MSc programmes for two EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs)
Prof. Alison McKay
Prof. Alison design; Engineering information systems; Design descriptions; Supply chain innovation; Product development systems; Requirements elicitation; Socio-technical systems applications
Krisen Moodley
Krisen asset management; Whole life management; Ethics; Corporate responsibility; Resilience and procurement
Prof. Frans Muller
Prof. Frans Muller reactions and continuous processing; Modular equipment design; Process design, development and scale up; Kinetic modelling; Risk assessment
Dr. Mohamad Anas Nahil
Dr. Mohamad Anas carbon production from waste; Catalysts synthesis; Green-house gas absorption; Hydrogen and carbon nanotubes production from waste; Thermochemical processing of waste; Low temperature plasma technology for environmental and energy applications
Dr. Nikolaos Nikitas
Dr. Nikolaos and aeroelasticity; Experimental dynamics and model analysis; Identification analysis; Mechanics of structures and materials; Earthquake engineering
Dr. Daniel O’Neill
Dr. Daniel O’ of sustainability; Environmental, social, and economic indicators; Relationships between resource use and human well-being; Green growth, steady-state economics, and degrowth; Monetary and employment policy
Dr. Alice Owen
Dr. Alice and impact of domestic green technology; Circular economy; Effective knowledge exchange; Role of 'place' in sustainability
Dr. Herodotos Phylaktou
Dr. Herodotos dynamics; Fire toxicity; Fire resistance; Fire protection; Fire investigation; Gas explosions; Explosion protection; Explosion investigation; Turbulent combustion; Biomass combustion
Prof Phil Purnell
Prof Phil; Infrastructure systems; Resource recovery from waste; Cities; Interdisciplinary research; Durability and resilience; Autonomous systems and robots; Infrastructure economics
Dr. Katy on the governance of sustainable transitions; Transitions in energy systems and consumption; Policy and regulation constrains on sustainable transitions; Governance of sustainable transitions; Role of communities and municipalities
Dr. Andrew Ross
Dr. Andrew; Algal biotechnology; Waste management; Waste to energy; Nutrient recovery; Characterisation and analytical sciences; Thermochemical and biological processing of biomass
Dr. Andrew Sleigh
Dr. Andrew fluid dynamics cfd; River flow; Flood modelling; Environmental risk analysis; Water management
Prof. David Spencer
Prof. David economy; Theoretical and empirical analyses of the quality of work; Conceptualisation of work; History of economic thought
Dr. Julia Steinberger
Dr. Julia and materials; Greenhouse gas emissions; Economic activity and human wellbeing;
Prof. Ed Stentiford
Prof. Ed management; Water engineering; Sustainable development
Prof. Doug Stewart
Prof. Doug engineering; Metal and radionuclide contaminated groundwater; Alkaline waste sites; Redox sensitive metals
Prof. Martin Tillotson
Prof. Martin management; Virtual water; Water & wastewater treatment; Water & wastewater sludge processing; Resource recovery; Water industry regulation; Water industry innovation
Dr. Mark Trigg
Dr. Mark related risk; Hydrodynamics; Hydrology; Rivers; Flood plains; Global; Flood hazard; Modelling; Remote sensing
Dr. Konstantinos Daniel Tsavdaridis
Dr. Konstantinos Daniel; Steel-concrete composite; Aluminium; Structures; Earthquake engineering; Sustainable design; Digital design & construction; High-rise buildings; Vibrations; Structural optimization; Guidelines
Dr. Anne Velenturf
Dr. Anne symbiosis; Biowaste-to-resource innovation; Social network analysis; Participatory governance; Participation process management; Transdisciplinary science; Agro-ecology
Dr. Costas Velis
Dr. Costas waste management; Environmental engineering; Circular economy; Recycling; Informal/ inclusive recycling; Solid recovered fuel (SRF); Marine litter; Mechanical processing; Material flow analysis; Assessment methodologies
Dr. Hinrich Voss
Dr. Hinrich business strategies; Multinational enterprises (MNEs); Developed and developing countries; China; Future energies; Internationalisation of mainland Chinese companies
Dr. Zia Wadud
Dr. Zia; Energy and environmental interaction; Impact of vehicle automation; Energy and travel demand; Econometric modeling; Innovative energy policies; Transport and energy in developing countries
Prof. Paul Williams
Prof. Paul and biomass Pyrolysis; Waste incineration
Prof. Chee Yew Wong
Prof. Chee Yew, antecedents, and contingencies affecting sustainable supply chain management and firm’s sustainable performance; Contingencies and configurations of supply chain integration and coordination; Enablers and mechanisms to achieve supply chain integration and alignment; The competitive advantage of third-party logistics service providers; Global/ethical sourcing and global supply chain operations management; Reverse and sustainable logistics solutions
Prof. William Young
Prof. William behaviour and sustainability; Retailers, suppliers and consumer organisation; Theoretical frameworks and applied tools; Change consumer behaviour in purchasing and using products.; Frameworks, tools use, indicators in environmental impacts
Dr. Guy Ziv
Dr. Guy modeling; Social sciences; Impacts of policy and climate change on the water-food-energy systems;